iCorrect OneClick Color iPhone App–New Version Released

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Freshair Software, a licensee of PictoColor’s OneClick Color Technology, has released a new version of its’ 4+ rated iPhone App, iCorrect OneClick Color.  If you take and post Facebook photos with your iPhone this is a must have App.

iCorrect OneClick Color iPhone App, version 2.1 (click for larger image)

iCorrect OneClick Color iPhone App, version 2.1
(click for larger image)

Here are the details of this great iPhone App:

Give your photos the color of life with iCorrect OneClick Color. Almost every photo can be improved with a single touch of your finger and you won’t find another color correction app that is easier to use. If you use a camera, you need this app. In a few simple steps you can take a photo, perfect the colors, then save and share a picture you can be proud of.
Wishing you’d had a camera flash for that photo, or are the colors just a little bit flat? Or have you scanned some of your old, faded photographs? Professional scanning services recommend iCorrect to their customers. Use the Auto Fix button, or touch the photo in an area that should have been gray or black or white. The exposure and color balance will be automatically corrected, bringing life to your photo using the same powerful PictoColor® OneClick technology that professional photographers have relied on for years. Read more about it at

Automatically correct color balance and exposure.
• Fine tune the automatic correction using sliders to independently adjust overall brightness, shadows, highlights, contrast, saturation, tint and temperature. You will be amazed at the shadow detail that can be recovered in backlit images.
• Convert to black and white or sepia tone.
• Use the Preview switch to easily compare the corrected photo with the original.
• Save or share the result at high (full), medium, low or custom resolution. Share with your family and friends via email, Twitter, facebook, Instagram, Muzy and more.
• Includes built in help.
Give it a try and see why the iCorrect OneClickTM plug-in earned 5 diamonds from Photoshop User magazine!
View a video demo at

New controls to adjust saturation and to convert to grayscale and sepia. New sharing options: upload to Twitter, copy to clipboard, send to other apps including Instagram, Muzy and more. Updated Facebook support.

iCorrect OneClick iPhone App Make the Color Right with one Click

iCorrect OneClick iPhone App Make the Color Right with one Click

iCorrect OneClick Color iPhone App is available at the App Store.



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Restoring the Color in Old Photos with Photoshop Elements and iCorrect EditLab Pro

by on Jul.16, 2013, under Color Restoration, iCorrect Color Plug-ins, photo color, Photo Techniques, Photoshop Elements

Herrenchiemsee Palace Chandelier

Herrenchiemsee Palace Chandelier Photo-Color Restored with iCorrect EditLab Pro

Herrenchiemsee Palace Chandelier Photo-Color Restored with iCorrect EditLab Pro (Click for larger image)

The other day I was looking through a photo album of my first trip to Germany almost 40 years ago and was dismayed to see how much the 3×5 prints had faded. I couldn’t find the negatives to get them reprinted so I decided to see what I could do to restore the color. I scanned the photos on my Epson CX8400 and opened the jpeg file in Photoshop Elements. Using PictoColor’s iCorrect EditLab Pro Pse color correction plug-in I quickly restored the color in less than 30 seconds and result was amazing.

iCorrect EditLab color correction sequence (click for larger image)

iCorrect EditLab color correction sequence
(click for larger image)

iCorrect EditLab Pro Pse plugin reduces the color correction task to a four simple steps and is much simpler and faster than the tools in Elements (click on the photo for larger image).

  1. Step 1 (Tab 1): Remove the Color Cast. By positioning the cursor over a “neutral area”, in this case a white area on the chandelier or white candle, and clicking the mouse will remove the yellowish color cast.
  2. Step 2 (Tab 2): Clicking on the SmartColor button automatically sets the white and black points and the mid-tone point. I manually adjusted the middle pointer to brighten the mid-tones.
  3. Step 3 (Tab 3): In the third tab I increased the brightness, contrast and saturation. It should be noted that and adjustment in Tab 3 will not effect the changes made in Tabs 1 & 2. This is different than the “chase your tail” adjustment interactions experienced when using Elements color tools.
  4. Step 4 (Tab 4): In Tab 4 I used the HueSelect feature to boost the brightness and saturation of the gold (and only the gold) in the photo. Before I clicked the Edit Image button I made sure the Sharpen feature was activated which will sharpen the image while the color correction is applied.
Herrincheimsse Chandelier Restored (click on photo for larger image)

Herrenchiemsee Chandelier Restored
(click on photo for larger image)

Back in Elements I save the image in jpeg format and then printed a new 3 x 5 photo on my Epson CX8400 printer/scanner and the was very pleased with the result. The color correction process with iCorrect EditLab was certainly a lot faster than the time it took to scan the original photo and print a new photo.

iCorrect EditLab Pro plug-in is available for Photoshop Elements, Photoshop CS5-6 and Photoshop CC, and Corel PaintShop Pro X3-X5. Here is a link to a video tutorial on photo color restoration using iCorrect EditLab ProApp, the stand alone version of Editlab Pro.




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Creating Sepia Photos with CorrectPhoto

by on Jun.03, 2013, under Photo Applications, photo color, Photo Editing, Photo Techniques

Sepia Photo created with CorrectPhoto with OneClick Color

Sepia Photo created with CorrectPhoto with OneClick Color

This photo taken at our 50th wedding anniversary party of my wife’s Loose Threads Sewing Group with their 60s hats seemed like a good photo to create an old fashion sepia toned photo. I used CorrectPhoto Editor to quickly crop the photo and create the Sepia image with OneClick Color.

CorrectPhoto's OneClick Color Sepia Tone

CorrectPhoto’s OneClick Color Sepia Tone

Learn more about CorrectPhoto with OneClick color correction with Sepia Tone feature at


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Photoshop Elements Tutorial: SmartColor Color Correction

by on Mar.28, 2013, under iCorrect Color Plug-ins, PaintShop Pro, Photoshop Elements, photoshop tips

If you are a Photoshop Elements user you will want to watch the Photoshop Elements video tutorial, SmartColor Color Correction now available on YouTube. The video will take you through a step by step color editing process using PictoColor’s iCorrect EditLab Pro Pse color correction plug-in.

iCorrect EditLab Pse plug-in for Photoshop Elements is only $29.95 and can be purchased from PictoColor Software at

iCorrect EditLab Pro is also available for Photoshop CS5 & 6 and Corel’s PaintShop Pro.


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Searching for Edward Hopper–Photo Essay by Rodger Kingston

by on Mar.07, 2013, under Creating memories, Favorite Photo Sites, Photo Techniques

Rodger Kingston, a PictoColor customer,  called me yesterday to tell me about his latest photo essay project, Searching for Edward Hopper.

Searching for Edward Hopper-Photo Essay by Rodger Kingston

Searching for Edward Hopper-Photo Essay by Rodger Kingston

Rodger’s Kingston–A connoisseur of the commonplace

“I discovered Edward Hopper in the late 1960s, a poet on the verge of becoming a photographer. In some essential way Hopper’s paintings made it right for me to shift from writing poetry to making photographs, and color photographs at that. He opened my eyes to what traditional values had conditioned me to ignore: the ordinary, the everyday, the commonplace. Where Cartier-Bresson emphasized “The Decisive Moment” in his photographs, Hopper painted the quiet places between such moments, those non-events that make up the greater part of everyday life. My discovery of Walker Evans a couple of years later only reinforced my interest in the vernacular, and what Evans called “lyric documentary” photography. Under their direction I’ve truly become a connoisseur of the commonplace.” See the Searching for Edward Hopper Photos

Rodger Uses iCorrect Portrait Plug-in to color correct his images
Rodger has been scanning old photos for this essay and called to say that he used iCorrect Portrait to color correct virtually every scanned image. He has been a user and fan of iCorrect Portrait for many years and says he would be lost without it. I did a blog posting last year  entitled, iCorrect Portrait is not just for people, to illustrate that, while iCorrect Portrait is famous for its Skin Tone Technology for fixing skin color, it is a fast and easy way to correct any photo.


Rodger is an American Artist with a camera and is indeed a connoisseur of the commonplace and I highly recommend a trip through four decades of history as seen through his eyes behind the camera. For an enjoyable photo experience go to

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